Dear True friend
                                                            We lovE you
                                      You’re as much of a great teacheR as a great person
                                                   Your smile is bEautiful
                  With you we feel happinesS
                                                                        We are wAiting for you


From your number (11º)1 class (literally)!
We’re looking forward to seeing you soon
Hugs and kisses, XOXO


5 thoughts on “FOR A SPECIAL TEACHER

  1. My dear, dear students

    How did you guess????? That song has been my favourite song for ages!!! I know the lyrics by heart, I sing along every time I hear it (and I’m alone, of course).

    I loved your anagram and the fact that I did not have to correct any mistake! Not even the number (11º)1 class (literally)! Just perfect!!!

    I’m so sorry that I had to leave you, again! I was not sure that you felt sorry too, but now I know and I feel very moved! I can’t thank you enough for making me feel this way.

    Hugs and kisses! XOXO


    • Hi teacher!
      It made me really happy that you enjoyed our special message to you and that we managed to dedicate you a song which you love so fondly.
      That being said, I’m also really glad that the message had no mistakes, as we tried really hard to make sure it had none. Even though during class it seemed that we weren’t paying attention to your lesson, hopefully this message revelead itself to be a solid proof that your words never went by unlistened and that we made the most out of all the knowledge you conveyed to us. It was through your (sometimes unnoticed) effort to provide us with quality teaching that we’ve become better people and, most importantly, better students of the English language. For that, I am deeply thankful and honoured to have been one of your students and, due to having marked my personal and academic routes so profoundly, I’m sure you’ll be one of those teachers I’ll remember dearly and vividly whilst recolleting my teenage years.

      Hope to see you very soon and always keep in touch!
      Hugs and kisses! XOXO

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      • Hi, Alexandre

        It’s always a pleasure to read a text written by you!!! This time it’s double pleasure mixed with a pinch of pride. Double pleasure because of the beauty, the richness of your vocabulary and grammar structure and because of the praiseful content. Every teacher dreams of being able not only to cause an impression in his/her students but also to contribute to their harmonious development as human beings. You have just told me that I had managed to accomplish that, so you just can’t imagine how thrilled you have made me.
        Why just a pinch of pride? I can’t be proud of something that I haven’t achieved. Your remarkable knowledge of English is not my deed … I’m perfectly aware of that. We just can’t teach students like you, we just guide them. We provide them with opportunities to grow, to improve, to dazzle. I thank you for every moment in which you just bewildered me with the appropriateness of your answer or remark.
        You’ll accomplish great things, Alexandre. I’m pretty sure of that.
        We’ll most certainly see each other one of these days!
        Hugs and kisses XOXO


  2. My dear friend,
    I would like to say you are “a special teacher” indeed. I can see and feel that in our students eyes.
    Kisses and hugs XOXO (I learnt this in the last lesson!!)

    PS – I apologise for my mistakes


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